OFA Courses

WorkSafe BC offers a variety of occupational first aid courses and OFA refresher courses. Occupational first aid level 1 is the most basic first aid course offered through WorkSafe BC. The transportation endorsement course is also offered through WorkSafe BC. It is a also one of the more basic and short first aid training programs offered. OFA level 1 and the transportation endorsement course are both 8 hour courses that are normally completed within one day. Both courses have a written exam component where a minimum grade of 70% is required to pass.

OFA level 2 is one of the most intense first aid courses. It is a 35 hour course that encompasses almost all of the material from OFA level 3 in half the time. This course has dramatically less review time than the 72 hour first aid course.

OFA 3 course information can be found on the home page. It is one of the most popular and definitely most comprehensive first aid courses offered in British Columbia. WorkSafe BC has designed a OFA level 3 refresher course for people that need to maintain certification in OFA 3. This course is a 35 hour course that is designed to re-certify candidates occupational first aid level 3 award. To be eligible candidates must have completed OFA 3 certification within the past 3 years and within British Columbia. OFA level 1 and OFA level 2 do not have available re-certification courses. Candidates must re-take the course to maintain certification.

All occupational first aid courses include CPR and AED training. CPR training is compulsory in every first aid course offered through WorkSafe BC, Red Cross, St. Johns Ambulance, and the Lifesaving Society. Automated external defibrillator training is compulsory with all CPR training. Using a AED drastically increases the chances of survival for unconscious cardiac arrest patients. Inducing a shock helps “reset” the rhythm of abnormal rhythms such as ventricular tachycardia and fibrillation’s back to normal SA node rhythms.

First Aid and CPR training helps save lives and instills confidence in trained participants. Take a first aid course today and learn the skills to save the life of a loved one, friend, co-worker or stranger.